The Rake Magazine (Singapore) - George Cleverley and Balvenie Event

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Guest what people do behind close doors in Presidential Suites in a luxury 5-star hotel?

Geroge Cleverley Exclusive Trunk Show_opt-1.jpg

A handful of selected 50 individuals got an exclusive invitation from The Rake magazine to feast on more than 30 designs of ready to wear and bespoke samples of shoes from George Cleverley & Co Ltd, and sample Scottish whiskies from legendary whisky maker The Balvenie

George Cleverley Bespoke Shoes_opt.jpg

Now what has bespoke shoes and whiskies have in common? They attract the wealthy and powerful, they make the world go round, they have a rich heritage with a loyal following.

So discerning in presentation and attention to detail, each guest got a souvenir placed beautifully on a silver platter, presented by a butler within minutes on arrival.

Souvenir on a Silver Platter_opt.jpg

George is the heir to the business after the father and he travels extensively around Asia doing trunk shoes. Once your measurement is done, you have to wait for 6 months before George comes to Singapore again to present you with your “glass slipper” for the first fitting. I was told that a bespoke pair of Cleverley shoes cost about SGD $1800, and lasts about 30 years, so you only have to bring it back for “re-service” and do some re-heeling.

George Glasgow Jr with Dr Gerald Tan_opt.jpg

Look at Timmo’s leather apron, which hangs on him like a shiny armor. I think it’s a piece of art itself.

Jingle with Timmo_opt.jpg

The experienced shoe craftsman Timmo was here to measure the foot and give recommendation to over hundreds of leather samples and finishes, shoe design and styles.

The whisky tasting session soon commenced, where the first was the Balvenie 15 year. With 40% alcohol content, I didn’t dare to drink much with an empty stomach. A sip of it was pleasant, with a honey and malt after taste. I took a drop of it and place it on my palm, and rub it gently. The aroma was evident, with a rich body emitting from the warmth of my palm, and you can savour the top and middle notes pretty well. The overall scent was sweet and manly, not brash like a beer or frivolous and fancy like champagne. 

Balvenie Whisky Door Gift_opt.jpg

Truly bespoke and exclusive, this is one souvenir I would proudly display on desk anytime.