Raffles Courtyard Opening

by Jingle Chen in ,

I was helping Raffles Courtyard with their menu design and deco on the roller shutter as Anamics Creative Group was racing against time to make sure these items were out for the formal opening.

Invitation to Raffles Courtyard Opening.png

Then I got a surprise invite for the opening, which I was very honored to attend.

I ordered some flowered decorated with lemons (who said flowers and lemons don’t mix!) and it seems that we were the only ones who sent them flowers.

Flowers for Opening of Raffles Courtyard_opt.jpg

The event started causally with media, suppliers, partners and vendors networking with one another.  Food just flowed (non-stop!) we tasted some wonderful traditional Italian dishes, right from the menu!

Here are my take on some of the highlights of the night:


Beef Carpaccio.jpg

This is one dish I couldn’t stop… beef is prepared raw, but extremely fresh. You can smell the scent of the olive oil surrounding the beef, as the crisp bread at the bottom added some support. It’s a surprisingly delightful and refreshing choice for a starter and despite being standing al-fresco, this beef carpaccio seem to have brighten and given the right note for the evening. I think I ate not less than four of these.

Slice Loin of Veal $29 (VITELLO TONNATO)

Slice Loin of Veal_opt.jpg

Interesting mix of fish and meat, giving a new experience to the taste bud. With tuna as a sauce, the veal seem to have gotten a new lease of life!

White Peach Purée, Prosecco (BELLINI)

Enjoying the Aperitif_opt.jpg

I am not extremely fond of alcohol, but this aperitif changed my perception totally on alcohol beverages. Aperitif is drunk prior to most Italian/ French cuisines, and it opens up the taste buds and gets the stomach ready for an exciting epicurean adventure. The lovely pink hue to see is the white peach purée, with a very slight tinge of alcohol to make you relax and in high spirits. Slightly sweet with an aromatic fragrance, this is a ladies’ drink – something that should get you poised through the night.

Tomatoes and Mozzarella Pizza $21 (MARGHERITA)

Mini Baked Pizza_opt.jpg

Right out of the traditional oven, baked into small samples for tasting, this piping hot pizza is a staple for most Italians.  I was told a typical Italian can eat about 6 – 8 slices. Afraid to “waste” my bandwidth for the night, I took just one. Satisfying enough.


For gelato loves, I bet you have tried most brands around town. Prepared from a cart and whipped into a mini cone, this chocolate flavored gelato is a dessert you want to save your stomach for. I was told there is a pear flavored one too.


Nutella Pie_opt.jpg

(try asking the chef to make it personally for you)

Simple, harmless and humble looking, this is an adult’s childhood dream come true. Yes! It’s Nutella baked like a pizza, sprinkled with salt. Sweet, savory and heartwarming, this dish just spells HAPPINESS.

Yes, this is Executive Chef Piere Burgade. He was looking very stressed and stern until I pointed my iPhone at him and made him gave me a smile… but he was still standing akimbo.

Executive Chef Piere Burgade_opt.jpg


Scoping Paella out_opt.jpg
Cheese Heaven.jpg

This giant “cheese container” you see here is the “badge of honor” for most restaurants. Costing at least a few hundreds of dollars, depending on weight and quality, this is a statement of how luxurious or traditional the restaurant would like to be perceived as they would order it from either northern or southern Italy. Cheese is melted with the paella and then poured into the container, where a scoop is then served on a separate bowl. A heaven for cheese lovers!

Doorgift from Raffles Giftshop_opt.jpg

Ending the evening was a raffle, with the top prize being a one-night stay at the Raffles Hotel Courtyard Suite. All of us took home doorgifts, with a 30% off dining voucher and a bottle of extra fine olive oil.