Jingle Chen is a brand designer, watch, photography, coffee, travel and fine cuisine lover. Born in Singapore, Jingle spent the last ten years studying marketing, branding and design.

While she was formally trained in Nanyang Technological University,
School of Communications, majoring in PR and advertising, her best hands-on experience with corporates in the world was through her day-to-day interactions with the finest brands in various industries in Anamics Creative Group, a Singapore graphic design agency she runs and The Brand Fellows, a branding firm she founded.

Her passion revolves around sharing branding, marketing and design insights with her clients and friends. Some people call her a business owner, some called her a brand consultant, some said she is a graphic designer (she gives creative and art direction to the graphic designers), and some sees her as a chief architect. But she prefers a simple term – Brand Designer.

She is married to portraitist Ejun Low and has a pair of twin girls. She enjoys going for networking and social functions and appreciates the finer things in life. She would love to learn and understand more about the heritage and crafts behind the brands we interact daily, as well as share these knowledge with others so we can refine our choices.

She particularly likes this quote by Jeffery Zeldman.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

This website is dedicated to artisans, industry mavens, experts and passionate craftsmen who zealously place the user experience before aesthetics and therefore creating brands that speak to our minds and hearts.

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