Total Makeover for Under $130

by Jingle Chen

I always believe a total makeover is going back to basics. Ditch all the frills and get back to the necessities. Here are top 6 products which I endorse and recommend so start your beauty shopping online at Sephora!

1. It Starts with the Lips

I am not kidding you, I use a lip balm every minute of the day, even as a base before I apply lipstick. Even before I turn in,  I make sure I apply lip balm so my lips are well conditioned. Appearance is everything, a dry and peeling lip will not do any justice even you put on the best eye makeup. Invest in a lip balm that not only hydrates but give a hint of healthy colour.


2. Help for the Laziest of Days

Stepping out of the house without a proper makeup base is a big no no. If you wish to skip the foundation, at least put on a primer. I like my primer to cover and also hydrates. If you need to brighten and freshen your skin in a flash, look no further.


3. Accents that are Soft and Sharp

Again, going back to basics means looking as naturally polished, so if you wish to skip the whole works of eye makeup, at least put on a thin layer of foundation on the eyelids, and don't miss lining just the top eye lids. I love eye liners that are soft yet gives the eye focus. A waterproof one is a necessity and if it comes in a myriad of colours, you have strike the jackpot.


4. Blush! 

Blushers are not called blushers for nothing. If you intend to bare it all, skip the mascara and everything else, do swipe on some blusher so you exude a healthy glow. One great find that moisturises your skin at the same time, how smart, especially when most of our cheeks are drier. Looking at the 3 shades of pink, what is there not to like?


5. A Beauty Pointer

A basic makeover is not over when the nail is stripped of colour. Forget about the neon pinks and blues, nude is the way to go. It will compliment any shade of attire you wear, and communicate to others you are serious about grooming even if you skip everything else. 


6. The Golden Finishing Touch

Now the makeover is done, wrap yourself in golden embrace with an all-over moisturising shimmer good for top to toe. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so taking care of it will be the best thing you can do as a beauty routine, apart from drinking lots of water and adopting a healthy diet.